Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a very vocal opponent of Donald Trump ever since he began his presidential campaign. Fun fact, Schwarzenegger and Trump are only one year apart in age (70 soon to be 71, and 72, respectively). If Celebrity Deathmatch was still a thing, we could enjoy watching the two elders fight each other for comical relief. Instead, we must settle for Schwarzenegger verbally abusing Trump.

Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin held a press conference at the Helsinki Summit this past week, and their meeting has been the most talked about occurrence in the media. In front of the world, Trump took a stance against the FBI and sided with Putin. Schwarzenegger, frustrated with Trump's apparent fan-boy moment with Putin, took to Twitter to call out the president. “You stood there like a little wet noodle, like a little fanboy,” exclaims the legendary actor.  “I was asking myself when you are going to ask him for an autograph or a selfie or something like that. I mean, you literally sold out at this press conference our intelligence community, our justice system, and worse of all, our country." Schwarzenegger isn't alone in his confusion after watching the press conference, and only time will tell how the Trump/Putin relationship will grow.