Ariana Grande is currently on the road for her Sweetener tour and while each fan and concert-goer are enjoying every live moment with the singer, the media and official photographers are a bit upset at how the singer's handling things. According to TMZ, the "God Is A Woman" singer has asked all photographers to sign over their rights to her tour company, GrandAriTour, Inc. for each image they take. 

Apparently, the media are only allowed to take still shots from a designated area for the first three songs of the show. The AP, New York Times, LA Times among 12 other publications have joined the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) to protest the move. 

Rich Polk/Getty Images 

If the photographers do sign over their rights, it means that each photo that's taken would have to then have Ariana's written approval and the image can only be used once for a news story. The group of publications believes this is a reach and breaks journalists principles. The NPPA is urging all media to refuse any signing of the agreement. Ariana and her team have yet to respond or alter the contract as we write this.

Speaking of her tour, Ariana teared up after singing a Mac Miller reference at her show in Washington D.C. and thanked her fans for understanding after the performance.