Dealing with Mac Miller's passing has been difficult for us all and we didn't even know him personally. Imagine how hard it must be for his family, friends, and peers. Ariana Grande may have broken up with the Pittsburgh rapper a few months prior to his suspected overdose but she has shown so much love to him in the past few weeks. Even before he passed away, she continuously showed her support for the artist as she hoped he would overcome his demons. Last night's Mac Miller: A Celebration Of Life tribute concert was an emotional event, to say the least. Each artist that performed had something to say about the way Mac impacted their lives. Everyone is still thinking about Malcolm the day after and Ariana made sure to subtly share her thoughts as well.

In an update on her Instagram story, Ari cuddled up to Mac's old dog, who she is taking care of, while wearing a sweatshirt that he was once pictured in. The hoodie reads, "I'm not a rapper," and acts as a reminder that Ariana is still thinking about the late artist. She's been vocal about all the emotions she's felt in the last few weeks, breaking up with her fiance as well, and this is a sweet and personal message being sent directly to Mac. No need for her to say anything else.

Hopefully, Ariana is feeling a little better these days than she did weeks ago. Check out the picture below.