Ariana Grande is not going easy on fashion retail store Forever 21 after the clothing store seemingly ripped off her look for its recent ad campaign. According to TMZ, Forever 21 approached the "God Is A Woman" singer back in December of 2018 to land a deal for an advertisement. Apparently, there wasn't enough money on the table for Ariana to allow the company to use her name and brand so she passed. 

Fast forward a few months later and advertisements for Forever 21 sees a model who looks a lot like Ariana and is also wearing similar staple looks from her "7 Rings" video. Ariana and her team even claim the campaign has grabbed ideas from the singer's "Thank U, Next" aesthetic. The "Breathe" singer is suing for the false perception Forever 21 presented of her and wants $10 million.

In other Ariana news, she recently responded to a fan who assumed that her live performance was auto-tuned and not real. 

"Naw, with all due respect, I could do this in your living room for you, fam," she commented. "With no sound mixing or help at all. I could do it on Broadway (and did). I can do it in the shower. In the car. It's my gift / it's why I'm here. I sing 30+ songs a night. Every word. It's my thing. Let me shine like damn."