Ariana Grande's song "thank u, next" garnered a lot of attention based on its lyrics alone. The singer's music video caused a greater commotion when it dropped, setting records for streaming across various platforms. Fans were enamored with her romantic comedy-inspired visuals and storylines as well as the appearance of familiar faces in the production. Ariana interacted with her following who had a number of questions about the video, including Kris Jenner's cameo. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

A social media user asked the singer about how she experienced her collaboration with the momager. It seems like they hit it off to the point of Ariana wanting to extend their interactions further.

"So fun," the singer replied. "She was so full out and nice to everybody and I want her and my mom to be besties. They were so cute interacting. Just two adorable, powerful, pink & black dots before my blurry, excited eyes."

The music video, which took "three fun ass days" to film closed with a line delivered by Kris Jenner with humor: "Thank you, next, b*tch." Ariana jokingly tweeted about this phrase. "Today's dilemma: i want to make @krisjenner saying 'Thank u, next, bitch' my text tone but I don't know how. sos."

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