Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are definitely in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. The newly-formed couple started hooking up almost directly after Ariana released a statement on her break-up with Mac Miller. Showing that she may have a type, she promptly picked up another white, tattooed stoner in comedian Pete Davidson with rumors of their relationship being confirmed yesterday on Instagram. While the first photo of the two together surfaced earlier this week, Ariana is now confirming the speculation through her body language as she cuddles up to Pete while he kisses her in a recent upload to Instagram.

While she was coy at first about her relationship status after the dramatic unfolding of her coupledom with Mac Miller, Ariana is packing on the PDA now, making sure that everybody knows she is with her SNL boyfriend. In a new photo, Pete is hugging her from behind and kissing her face as the singer tilts her head back and enjoys the attention. Her caption is telling, suggesting that they could be further along in their relationship than anybody had assumed. She writes, "i thought u into my life 💭 woah ! look at my mind," adding several emojis to emphasize her point. Just a few days ago, her relationship status was kept secret and in the span of two days, she's screaming Pete's name from the rooftops. While it seems quick, such are the effects of young love.

Do you think their love will last or will Davidson suffer a fate similar to Mac Miller?