Since Mac Miller's death, there has been a flood of tribute posts and performances, from Elton John to Sza. The love has come from unexpected sources and also, the more expected like Mac Miller's ex, Ariana Grande who posted a video and touching tribute to him yesterday and today, an Instagram Live clip showing that she still has Mac on her mind and is listening to his latest album, Swimming.

The two songs that Grande is bumping in the wake of Mac's passing were "Ladders" and "Dunno." The former is a slow climb (like a ladder) and becomes eventually a bouncy, funk song. The latter (not ladder) is much slower and sadder, with the refrain "wouldn't you rather get along?" After his death, the song takes on a new weight.

The next two frames in Grande's story, after the two songs, are photos of some broken heart graffiti, maybe related to the previous Mac Miller song posts or maybe just a coincidence. The couple split up in April of this year after years of dating and apparently they parted ways on a good note. 

The two collaborated on a number of songs and performed together on numerous occasion. Watch their performance in Manchester below: