While Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's handsy performance in L.A. was dismissed as friendly showmanship at the time, it only preceded Grande's break-up with Big Sean by about a week, suggesting that the stunt may have meant a little more than the singer made it seem.

TMZ now reports that sources close to the couple believe that the stunt may have been a planned move to make Sean jealous, as their relationship was already on the rocks.

The same contacts say Sean called it quits on the account of Grande being "immature," stemming from her absence from his West Hollywood House of Blues performance, which she chose to prepare for the Grammys over, and her over-spending habits.

The two had apparently parted ways before the Bieber incident, but were still considering getting back together. However, it seems that Bieber may have been the final straw for Sean.

Then again, they could be back together next week.