When you think of Ariana Grande and her hit, "Thank U, Next," who comes to mind? Of course, Jeff Goldblum! This must have been James Corden's thought process when him and his writing team penned their reimagining of Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next."

Corden's version of the breakup anthem is faithful to the original in almost every way. After walking into Jeff Goldblum's dressing room, Corden thanks him for being on the show and utters the fateful line, "thank you, Jeff," after which the music comes in and the video cuts to Corden on the floor of his bedroom in silk pyjamas making a Jeff Goldblum scrapbook. 

Ariana Grande saw the video and was immediately drawn to the book. She tweeted, requesting it as a Christmas gift but maintained that she was asking "for a friend."

As Corden recreates all the scenes from the video (the dancing school talent show, but with Jeff Goldblum in the audience, the pillow-fight), he weaves in references to Goldblum's career like,"in Thor: Ragnarok, his performance was classic. But who could forget the hot doctor that he played in Jurassic?" There was also a healthy amount of simple flattery, "he’s our silver fox with black thick-rimmed glasses. The way that he talks will charm off your asses." Watch the whole thing: