Ariana Grande inadvertently flaunted her latest tattoo honoring her relationship with Pete Davidson. An Instagram post was meant to showcase the singer's new manicure but ended up sparking excitement over her new finger tattoo. Some fans noticed the cursive text above her $93 000 engagement ring. Her fiance's first name is now scarred into her skin.

This is her sixth tattoo relating to Davidson to be publicized. The first were matching clouds which were followed up by other matching sets, including the couple's "honest to God, knock me out" tats. Ariana also honored Davidson's father by getting the firefighter's badge number etched onto her skin.

This comes only months after her tumultuous relationship with Mac Miller. Parts of her fanbase have tried to tell their idol to slow down when it comes to her displays of loyalty. She received some backlash for defending his insensitive jokes about the bombing of her Manchester concert, an event that earned another spot on her inked body. Fans also weren't rocking with the inclusion of her beau as an inspiration for her upcoming album, Sweetener. Grande shows no sign of concern with the naysayers. She's living her best life during the rollout for her fourth studio album that is set to drop in August.