When Ariana Grande isn't singing, performing or making sweet tunes in the studio she's seemingly tuned into Nev Schulman's MTV series Catfish. TMZ caught up with Nev outside of LAX and asked the series creator about any celebrity guests host he would have on the show. Ariana came up as a suggestion since Nev found out only recently that she was a fan of his show. 

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty

Nev got all kinds of notifications on his phone when people tagged him one evening, letting him know that Ariana was watching his series when she was posted up in a hotel room. After heading to her profile on Instagram he saw that she already followed him and he was shocked, but of course, flattered. 

"So I followed her back - I'm actually embarrassed to say I wasn't following her," he explained, detailing how he DM'd her thanking her for the support. "She wrote me back and we started chatting, talking about how she'd love to come on the show."

He added: "Fingers crossed, when we start making more episodes maybe Ariana will do one - I'd love to have you, Ariana." The new season of Catfish may be the best yet.