In the second installment of "thank u, next" behind the scenes series, Ariana Grande fans are drawn further into her world.

The video begins on a "13 Going On 30" inspired set with cast members informing audiences of their roles. Shortly after, the music video's director, Hannah Lux Davis, can be seen explaining the significance of certain details. The music video has been lauded for its intelligent references to popular movies of the past including Mean Girls, Bring It On and Legally Blonde. Keen observers will notice that the dollhouse contains miniature replicas of every room Grande is captured in throughout the video. Lux Davis went on to explain why they had chosen to pay homage to the aforementioned movies saying, “they each feature a relationship that really shook the main character and really propelled them into becoming a better version of themselves.” She furthered her explanation by pointing out that in each film, “a breakup was a catalyst moment for each of these characters to really find themselves and be a better version of themselves.”

Later in the behind-the-scenes clip, Grande comments on her trauma in light of her success. Grande's friend and fellow "Victorious" alum Liz Giles shares an anecdote about their Nickelodeon days, and even Kim Kardashian West also makes an appearance via facetime. 

Catch the video below.