Ariana Grande dropped off another catchy track yesterday called "Monopoly" featuring the likes of Victoria Monét. The self-love anthem caught the attention of many fans since Ariana sings that she likes both "women and men." Of course, the tune has sent Twitter into a frenzy with lots of fans sharing a few words on the reveal. 

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

"Ariana Grande is officially bi this is the best day of my life," one user wrote, while another added: "miss ariana grande saying “i like women and men” as a line in a song.....a fucking mood !!! but im not gonna jump to conclusions n assume shes bi until she addresses it. if she is gonna be dropping my uwus [sic] all over the place."

Ariana is seemingly very aware of how happy her fans are since she has revealed her true self, but when it comes to labeling her sexuality, she doesn't feel like she has to. "I haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now 🖤which is okay," Ariana replied in response to a fan. 

"My music being embraced and celebrated by the LGBTQ community is all I ever truly cared about when I thought about my career goals early on," Ariana previously wrote in a letter to the LGBTQ community. "There’s no award I could win or accolade I could receive that would fulfill me more than seeing a 6-foot queen with a 4-foot ponytail walk into my meet n greet and say “hey girl” or meeting a young queer person at Starbucks and them letting me know that my music has helped them become who they are. Literally nothing."