Ariana has been going hard for her new boo. After putting evidence of their relationship on her ring finger, the star kept up the pace by moving in with him, getting matching tattoos with the dude and even putting him in her music. At this point, even her fans feel that Grande is taking her loyalty too far. While many people are upset about Davidson's inclusion of the Manchester attack in his standup routine, the pop singer is doubling down on her Tammy Wynette mode and standing by her man.

The joke people are upset about was performed months ago but resurfaced after the young couple's engagement. It referred to the bombing of her 2017 concert in Manchester that resulted in 23 deaths and a couple hundreds of wounded attendees, half of which were children. Before Pete became romantically involved with Arianna, he made the joke at a Puerto Rico hurricane relief event. He noted Ariana's popularity, saying,"Britney Spears didn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert." Now, people are wondering how the star can be engaged with the guy who made such a joke about her. Grande shared a quick response on her twitter:

 The "deal with trauma differently" passage is most likely in reference to Davidson's own loss of his firefighting father during 9/11. While Ariana's tweet was well received by some, the excuses are not cutting it for others.