When they were together, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller appeared to be the perfect couple. It was revealed near the end of their relationship that they hid their issues in the shadows after Grande said their pairing became toxic. The two clearly loved each other until the end though. As she grieves Mac's passing, Ariana has taken a step away from the spotlight, preferring to deal with her loss in private. She's been keeping her fans updated though, making sure that nobody worries about her. This week, the singer posted a video of herself with Mac's dog Myron, who she appears to have adopted.

Reports are conflicting as to when Ari adopted the pitbull as some sources say she has been taking care of Myron since their breakup while others write that this is a more recent thing. Regardless of when she starting caring for the loving pooch, you can see there's a lot of love between her and the animal. Considering Myron used to belong to her ex-boyfriend, he serves as a nice reminder of the good times they had together as she remembers Mac in the best light.

Grande had confirmed her split with Miller after it had been rumored for a few days, writing on her Instagram story that she couldn't wait to "know and support" him forever.