Former NFL running back Arian Foster, aka Bobby Feeno, is receiving nuclear heat for comments he made about Tupac's music during a discussion on "Van Lathan's The Red Pill" podcast.

While Foster noted that Tupac is his favorite artist of all time, he tells Lathan, "to pretend that his music was just out of this world, intellectually deep, is just dishonest. It’s just dishonest."

As seen in the video clip embedded below, Foster continued: “He made great music, but to pretend it’s as deep as… here’s what you and a lot of Tupac fans do. You conflate who Tupac was as a person with who Tupac was as an artist.”

As mentioned, Foster is a huge Tupac fan and even titled his debut album "Flamingo & Koval" as a nod to the intersection where Pac was fatally shot. Still, some fans were thoroughly outraged with his take.

Some other responses to Foster on social media include the following:

“This has to be the weakest argument ever! If you’re going to make such an asinine statement, you better have facts backed by information,” someone wrote. “Van turn his mic off.”

"55 seconds of Arian Foster proving why NFL needs better helmets. Lmao. STFU dude."

"Yeah, I'm cancelling him before I even hear his music. I'm petty when it comes to Pac."

“It isn’t about deep, it’s about impact, it’s about the times. It was 1992 to 1996, was Arian even out of diapers yet? Pac was revolutionary that’s why his music is still relevant today, tomorrow and forever, and that’s deep.”

"Arianfoster your comment about Tupac is Kanye West-level crazy wrong."

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