Tomi Lahren has cemented herself as one of the most prominent voices on the right over the past few years and has received criticism from various members of the hip-hop community. Lahren has also been vocal about her distaste for Colin Kaepernick and his anthem protests over the past few years. Former NFL star Arian Foster took the opportunity recently to debate Lahren about the issue and give his own side to the debate. As you would expect, Foster is in favor of the protests and believes the NFL is "logically inconsistent" when it comes to their rules on political protests.

"If you wanna say don't make political statements on the field, then don't have the military fly over at the beginning [of games] or don't have a deal with the Dept. of Justice that has millions of dollars advertising the military. It's a logically inconsistent stance," Foster explained. "That's my issue with people who take issue with the protests because it's not logically consistent and the NFL in general, they're emotionally driven. They're reactionary and not proactive."

The conversation which was hosted by Fox Nation was fairly civil and both sides got to present their arguments. Usually, Lahren elicits a pretty strong response although, in this instance, Foster was incredibly calm and allowed for the Fox host to get her side across. 

These types of debates have been fairly contentious as of late so it's interesting to see something so level-headed here. Whether you agree with Foster or Lahren, there is no denying that this discourse is important for the state of affairs in this country.