Her recently Soul Train Awards loss left Ari Lennox feeling underappreciated. The First Lady of Dreamville was nominated for three awards that includes nods for her debut project Shea Butter Baby, but unfortunately, she wasn't able to lock down a win. "I just don’t understand. At all actually. But cool," Ari tweeted. "I want this sh*t way more than it wants me. I’m learning I have to stop caring... Yea I’m hurt. I’m not built for these things lmao."

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One person who agrees that Ari Lennox deserves more applause than she's received is one of her biggest fans: Russ. The rapper-singer regularly shares his support of the Dreamville star by sharing messages like "Ari Lennox is one of the greatest singers and writers I’ve ever heard. Stay tuned ✨✨✨" and "Ari Lennox has album of the year." He even hopped on his Instagram Live and jammed to her music, telling his viewers that she's an old music soul that the world should be privileged to witness.

While over on her Instagram Live, Ari sent out a sincere thank you to Russ for his kind words. "The most beautiful angel. You are a real, brave, sweet man for looking out for me and saying beautiful, sweet things about me, especially in the mix of all of like, the 'drama,'" she said. "So, Russ I wanna thank you, your music is amazing. You're everything. It's no nice that you care about me so much and my music. It is hard, it really is hard. Sometimes I wonder, like, is this the right thing? Am I really doing the right thing with my music and stuff? And you know I'm reminded when people like Russ show love and when I'm actually performing at these shows that people genuinely care and they're like, lovin' on me and being really, really sweet." 

Check out Ari's message as well as a clip of Russ on his Live singing her praises, below.

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