We all have hookups stories — some are good, some are great and others, well, we'd probably rather forget. For R&B sensation Ari Lennox, one sexcapade that she recently shared on IG fell somewhere in-between but was, as she always is during "story time," hilarious to say the least.

While she never gives a name — the staff here at HNHH have our own suspicions! — the "Shea Butter Baby" singer gave a vivid description of a person she once fooled around with that had her willing to let him "talk to her crazy" and literally "ruin her career" over sex that was "out of this world." She continues by describing his sex game as, well, here's her direct quote: "That dick spoke life into me — Invigoration. Blessings. Soul. Turmoil, but heaven." The only hint at this mystery man's identity is the fact that, apparently, if we did a Google search on him it would be eye-opening. We're not sure if that means the guy is a notorious player (Trey Songz), a bad boy (Chris Brown) or a mix of both (R. Kelly), but either way we just hope Ari has gotten past her dickmatization. Based off this recollection though, she may need more time to shake it off. Bless.

At least we might now have an idea about who Ari Lennox is talking about on her Shea Butter Baby standout single "Whipped Cream." Let us know who you think it is down in the comments!