Dreamville songstress Ari Lennox is understandably very emotional right now. After releasing her stellar album Shea Butter Baby this year, she expected to be recognized by her favorite awards show: the Soul Train Awards. She told all of her fans about her disappointment last night, saying that she really wanted to walk away with a win. Although she expects to be snubbed, Soul Train is the one platform that she believed would see her talent. Now that she's been rejected by them, she doesn't know what to do with herself and it looks like she may be considering a career change.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Hopefully, Lennox is just being a little overdramatic but, after expressing her feelings post-Soul Train Awards, she's not willing to sell out and is possibly thinking of leaving the music industry. She continued her string of tweets, responding to fans and hinting at her musical departure. "You know what I realized? People who genuinely fuck with me understand my frustration," started Lennox before replying to one fan who wanted a Christmas album from the star. "Naw I quit," she said.

She then expanded on her thought. "I’m not selling out. So I quit. To all those annoyed with me, you got it. I won’t lose my mind over this shit. I will save my sanity first. I’ll join the damn army."

The energy that she and Summer Walker have been releasing into the universe is pretty damn similar. We hope these two queens can be comfortable in the industry. They're both incredibly talented and deserve their props. Ari, please don't quit!