Even though renters and homeowners across the world have seen better days lately due to the economic crisis brought on by COVID-19, R&B singer Ari Lennox is thankfully celebrating the purchase of a new home she recently copped in the beautiful state of Maryland.

Ari Lennox buys New Home Maryland
Image: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

Ari isn't a stranger to the life of a southern belle, especially given the fact she was born in Northern Virginia and raised in Maryland's neighboring district of Washington, D.C. The Shea Butter Baby chanteuse celebrated the occasion with all 1.2 million of her followers on Instagram, posting a video of her popping champagne in her crib with a caption that read, "I just got a newwwww house." While she never pinpointed exactly where she'll be dwelling — smart move given the countless stories of celebs having their houses broken into by overzealous fans — a previous post alluded to it being somewhere in Maryland after referring to herself as "Mortgage mommy" and also writing "hey murland." Hopefully we can expect a proper follow-up to her fan-favorite debut LP after she finishes getting settled into her new home. Congratulations, Ari!

Take a quick look inside Ari Lennox's new home via her Instagram posts below: