She's a celebrated rising star in Soul and R&B circles and is hailed as the First Lady of Dreamville. Yet, while Ari Lennox has been applauded since her Shea Butter Baby debut, she also has been the subject of ridicule by people bent on breaking her down. The singer often takes to social media to converse with her admirers, but as she talks to those who support her, she also has to deal with unkind critics.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Ari Lennox recently took to Twitter to call out those who have made unfavorable remarks about her physical appearance. "How many times will y’all come for my black nose?" she asked. "It will never tf go anywhere. Y’all are disgusting and the reason people self medicate and get surgery. Just f*ckin stop."

She followed up the tweet with another. "Also I would never get surgery and I love my nose. I just feel this is a conversation that needs to be had. There are black babies that have insecurities cause culture says it’s funny to insult black features." A fan complimented Ari on her appearance and told her to disregard the negativity. "It’s not easy to ignore, I feel it’s a conversation that needs to be had," the singer replied. "Thank you for your sweet words❤️❤️"