Following Ari Lennox's hilarious battle against her wig on Instagram Live, Snoop Dogg had a few comments to get off his chest.

"Grow your own hair what happened to those days," said the 48-year-old rapper in the comments to the video of the Dreamville singer struggling with her lace-front. 

Ari Lennox has officially responded to the legend and she is just as humorous in her clap-back as she was while complaining about her hair.

"Uncle I just...I just thought we had an understanding," wrote Ari Lennox on Instagram, sharing a picture of Snoop Dogg in drag, rocking a blonde soccer mom wig and clear glasses.

Lennox may be giving the Doggfather a taste of his own medicine with this post but she's also proving that she can take a joke. In order to laugh about this, she's got to have a good sense of humor.

The singer's live-streams have been must-watch for the last little while. Just a few days ago, the songstress freaked out when Lakeith Stanfield asked her out on a date, acting flabbergasted and losing her words for a few minutes. Now, after struggling to fix her wig, she's earning relatability points with all the women out there.

Take a look at what Ari had to say below.