What on earth is Ari Fletcher so angry about?

The social media star is known to get emotional in regards to her relationship on Twitter but, after Rah Ali posted a story about her being "misunderstood", Ari took some time to make some disgusting and obscene threats against the actress and blogger.

Rah Ali, who is perhaps best known for throwing a shoe at Cardi B during the rapper's NYFW altercation with Nicki Minaj, runs the blog site It's On Site, where she posted about a recent Ari Fletcher tweet about being misunderstood. She didn't add any caption that was out of line, simply writing: "Ari is tired of being misunderstood". However, that kicked off an entire feud between the two.

"No I'm not. Wtf you talking about?" asked Ari in the comments.

That response was then posted by Rah, who angrily clapped back. "No AriFletcher the real question is WTF are YOU Talking About Sis? We over here at Onsite ain't the One or The TWO Mama," wrote Rah.

That was enough for Ari to make one of the most disgusting remarks that has ever exited her mouth. She told the pregnant actress: "RAH I WILL BEAT THE BABY OUT YO ASS BITCH FIND YOU SOMEBODY 40 AND UP TO PLAY WITH HOE." 

Wow. According to Bossip, Rah was made aware of the comments and shared a voice note with her fans.

"I’ve been made aware of the comments that were made by Ari stating she was going to beat my baby out of me and so forth," she allegedly said. "I just want to give you all the courtesy of knowing that I will handle the situation accordingly. That’s a promise…on God, on my unborn child as well as my deceased one. The internet is an open forum and the things that we say here don’t go away. I will be in touch, alright."

What do you think of Ari's threat?