Hours after PartyNextDoor released a video of him making out with Kylie Jenner in the rain to the sounds of "Come and See Me," Tyga posted an Instagram picture of Kylie Jenner with the caption, “They always come back.”

Up until that point, it was pretty much assumed that PND and Kylie were dating and Tyga had moved on to dating a flurry of models, most notably the buxom Demi Rose. A few days after he and Jenner broke up in early May, Tyga explained the situation to an inquiring paparazzo.  "I think, you know, we are both just focused on our individual lives right now," he said. "Sometimes things don’t work out. But, I love her."

See Tyga's snap of Jenner below. If they really are back together, R.I.P. the proposed reality show with Tyga, Scott Disick, Lamar Odom, and all the other Kardashian exes.