After teasing his upcoming album for a minute, A$AP Rocky has finally come through with some actual music. And while it's unclear whether or not the recently released "5ive $tar$" and brand new "Above" are selections from his upcoming album that may-or-may-not-be called Testing, they're still the closest indication of Flacko's current sonic direction. Remember, back in November, Rocky hinted that his upcoming album was all about "testing new sounds." Unfortunately, many fans tend to err on the "change is bad" side of things - at least, during the initial knee-jerk stages. And while Rocky has earned consideration as one of hip-hop's elite rappers, there are some who feel that the A$AP ringleader has become too complacent. 

Enter his recent singles -  yesterday's drop "5ive $tar$" and "Above", which dropped within the past hour. Both of which seem like new territory for Rocky, although the latter is probably too young to objectively judge. It's interesting to note that the two singles couldn't be more different. "5ive $tar$" is cut from the current trap cloth, tailor made for mainstream accessibility, while "Above" is a hazy foray into straight up experimentation, with deliberately muddled production and emphasis on sing-song melody. It's strange - "Above" is almost destined for hate, but something about it feels like an undeniable artistic statement. 

As usual, many took to the internet with their thoughts, including plenty from our loyal community. This time, we're not concerned with what the strangers of Twitter have to say. Instead, we're looking to within. There are many here who value A$AP Rocky, and hold him in high regard. But were you feeling his latest offerings? Here are some of the notable reactions to his new singles, for better or worse.

On "5ive $tar$"


On "Above"