Halsey and G-Eazy were bound to run into each other at some point during last night's MTV VMA awards. The exes broke up at the beginning of July and not too long ago the "Him & I" singer told paparazzi that sleeping with your ex is not a good idea because you "catch feelings." Clearly, her sentiments have changed after seeing G at Travis Scott's afterparty at 1 OAK. 

TMZ caught Halsey and G leaving the club holding hands and hopping into a ride at 4:40 AM. Despite rumours of G-Eazy moving on with other women, and despite Halsey's Instagram captions that alluded that the rapper may have done something significant to end their romance, clearly there's still a lot of feels there and they wanted to explore them last night. 

"He's out of his fucking mind. I love everything about him," Halsey previously stated of her ex. "We both knew right away. We just didn't act on it. I had just gotten out of a breakup; he just got out of a breakup. We were both, like, at the peak of our careers. Me, Myself & I had gone seven times platinum. Closer was, like, the biggest thing in the world. I just didn't have time."

Now she's got time.