Philadelphia rapper AR-Ab is reportedly being subjected to some pretty inhumane conditions while incarcerated. His brother, Lik Moss, was recently on Da Interrogation Room where he spoke about Ab's current condition following reports that he was being denied medical attention for kidney failure. Apparently, there's even more to that story.

Starting off their talk, which lasted over one hour, Lik Moss said that AR-Ab was stabbed in prison. There was reportedly somebody running around, stabbing a handful of people without any motive. Ab has not been healing from his wound though.

"He got stabbed," said Lik about his brother. "It got infected. He already had pre-existing conditions and it was never treated. His skin turned black, like, burnt black. The guy sliced about four or five people. Ab was one of the guys. He went crazy running around the block and started stabbing people."

According to Lik, AR-Ab was on the phone when it happened. His back was turned and he got sliced on the head. 

"Probably 80% of his body is black, bleeding. And he ain't used the bathroom in a week, like urinated, so you know that's a kidney problem," said Lik, clarifying his past condition. "They're not giving him new medical attention when he brings it to their attention. When he got stabbed, they put him right in the hole. He caught the hives in the hole. They still don't take him. Both of his eyes swelled up, he blacked out. Now they take him to medical. But they didn't really run no real tests. They see the scars and stuff, sores started popping up all over his body. From me just doing research, that's poison in the blood. It got to push the poison out somewhere so it's pushing it through his skin."

Lik reveals that his brother cannot even walk right now. He says that he can't get out of his bed, but that his cousins, who are also incarcerated, are taking care of him. Ab reportedly can't stop shaking that both of his legs have severely swelled up, but the prison is still denying him medical attention.

Hopefully, Lik's story can get AR-Ab the help he needs.