The latest development in the feud between Meek Mill and Cassidy is a forty-minute YouTube testimonial from fellow Philly rapper Ar-Ab, who elaborates on his relationship with both artists while at a New Year's Eve gathering. Last week, Meek claimed to be finished beefing with Cassidy after dropping "Repo," his fiery response to Cass' tamer "Me, Myself & iPhone." But he added fuel to the fire again today when he tweeted about the video.

Although Ar-Ab repeatedly claims he and Cassidy are still friends, he definitely seems to lean on Meek's side: "I know Cass from rap. I know Meek from the street. It's a difference, man - you feel what I'm saying?"

Meek directly mentions him on "Repo," claiming that Cassidy didn't show him enough support when the two were fighting a murder charge in 2005. Ar-Ab confirms Meek's claims in the video.

"I'm the nigga like when Meek said 'and you ain't put no food in Ar-Ab' and all that, like when he said 'my dog caught a body for you, he ain't get nothing from it.' He was talking about me, man. I caught a body. And I ain't get nothing from it."

Although he claims neutrality in the beef, he seems to have nothing but praise for Meek, whereas he states Cassidy's team "doesn't hustle" and that the rapper essentially has no street credibility. He also clarifies that he's no longer associated with Cass' Larsiny movement, instead focussing on his own OBH crew.

"I ain't jumping' out the window for a rapper who can't afford to situate me at all - and there's a street nigga who got some bread, who's rich, and can afford to bail his niggas out."

Ar-Ab dropped his Who's Harder Than Me, Part 2 mixtape in October.

[via MTV]