If you're a big fan of superhero movies, then you're well aware that they usually include a little easter egg at the end of the credits. Marvel does it all the time and DC is no different. That's why it was no surprise when Warner Bros decided to include a similar scene at the end of their latest film Aquaman. For those looking for a quick explanation of the post-credit scene, you're in the right place, just know that spoilers are ahead.

In the movie, secondary villain Black Manta is believed to be killed, but in the post-credits scene, we see the character floating in the ocean with his armor and helmet damaged. He is then rescued by a ship passing by. It is made clear that the man who runs the ship is interested in Aquaman and is then revealed as Doctor Stephen Shin, according to The Independent.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Shin's role is significant considering in the comics, he is the man who helps Aquaman develop his powers, but then the two have a falling out when Aquaman refuses to tell him any information regarding Atlantis. During the credits scene, we see Shin and Manta link up, with Shin promising Manta he will reveal Aquaman's true identity, while Manta will tell Shin where Atlantis is.

The scene hints that we will most likely be seeing a sequel to the movie sometime in the near future? If so, what are you hoping for from an Aquaman sequel?