After Aquaman earned over a billion dollars at the box office, it should come as absolutely no surprise to anybody that DC Studios is trying to capitalize on the series. Aquaman has never been the most popular superheroes in the world but when Jason Momoa took part in the DC film, it absolutely took off, rivalling the best of Marvel's flicks. While the upcoming spinoff should not be considered a sequel, it will integrate some major themes from the film with a spooky twist.

According to Variety, The Trench is currently in the works, leaving off where Aquaman ended. Warner Bros. is currently planning the film after the global success of Aquaman. If you watched the film, you'll recognize The Trench as the character that attacked Aquaman, so a few horror elements only seem natural. The publication provided a short synopsis of what to expect: "The project will be set in the underseas kingdom in the Marianas Trench, where a group of the original inhabitants were sent after Atlantis sunk and evolved into savage monsters."

The Trench will not have nearly as high a budget as Aquaman did but the studio is confident that they can pull out another blockbuster. No cast has been announced yet for the project but the original cast is not expected to return. Are you looking forward to the spinoff film?