April Fool's Day is upon us. Somehow, the favorite holiday of pranksters across the country happened to fall on both Easter and rent day this year, which undoubtedly should make for a historically interesting day. Don't trust anything anyone tells you today, unless it's your landlord or your priest. 

Celebrities are just like us when it comes to holidays. They get together with family on Christmas and Thanksgiving. They dress up for Halloween, and barbecue on Independence Day. So, it only makes sense that America's most famous faces also take part in pranking their peers on April Fool's Day. Several names will immediately stand out in your head when the term "celebrity prankster" is brought up in conversation. Of course, there was the classic Ashton Kutcher series Punk'd, that started out as a hit before it slowly wore viewers down by using similar tactics. If Kutcher doesn't come to mind, then pranks that were enacted by hilariously mischievous musicians like Eminem and 50 Cent should ring a bell. Dig deeper though, and you'll find that legends like Michael Jackson, and street icons like The Game and Papoose, also have jocular personalities as well. 

While we would never instruct anyone to go out into their cities and cause mayhem in the way that some of these musicians did, we do support celebrities joining in on the hysterical activities that take place on April Fool's Day. They say laughter is the best medicine, so we've got the cure for those who have spent the day either being pranked, being crammed into a church for the first time all year, or those who are just feeling bored at home after spending every dollar on rent. Get your laughing face emojis ready, and check out our list of hilarious pranks pulled off by musicians.  

Happy April Fool's!