In an uncharacteristic fashion, Apple rushed out a new iOS update this weekend: iOS 11.2. Typically, the tech giant has habitually released updates on Tuesdays. However, the new update comes to us after complaints surrounding many bugs. iOS 11.2 – while a quick fix – also includes a handful of new features and improvements.

Previously, iOS 11 was troubled with a bug that would restart your phone when you received local notifications. iOS 11.2 resolves the issue and includes a feature originally promised for iOS 11: Apple Pay Cash. Following the trend of digital transactions, Apple Pay Cash lets you transfer funds which can then be deposited into bank accounts, similarly to Venmo. The service is not yet available, but is expected to be live in the upcoming days. Other notable iOS 11.2 features include improvements on video stabilization, new Live wallpapers for iPhone X, and faster wireless charging using third-party accessories for iPhone 8 models and iPhone X.

While the new iOS comes as a solution for the previous bugs, there are already mixed feelings on whether or not to upgrade. There have been various reports regarding stability issues resulting in iOS 11.2 continuing to crash. Users have also complained that Face ID is not working. Solutions have been found, but they advise users to contact Apple Support if problems persist.

As with most software updates, there is quite a divide regarding users’ opinions. Some Twitter users are excited about the changes, some patiently await Apple Pay Cash, and others are complaining about battery life. Will you make the jump to iOS 11.2?