It's a pot smoker's Christmas. It isn't enough that J. Cole dropped an amazing new album, KODand PlayStation owners get to finally indulge in one of the highest rated video games of all timeGod of War, but now New Yorkers are getting treated to a dispensary on 4/20.

According to Time Outalthough marijuana has yet to be recreationally legalized in New York, MedMen will be opening a new dispensary today in celebration of 4/20. MedMen, who already have dispensaries functioning in California, is making the jump to the East Coast. Currently, there are only two other dispensaries that are legally allowed to operate in the city. Because of their setup, which is reminiscent of an Apple Store, the MedMen dispensaries have been dubbed the "Apple Store of weed." The new medical marijuana shop is located on 433 Fifth Avenue (at 39th Street).

Tinctures, gel caps, and vape pens will be available for purchase, but the flower has yet to be legalized medically by the state so you'll have to look elsewhere for that. Time Out also reports that there are not enough patients with legal medical marijuana papers in the state to sustain the new shop, and that the opening is more of a statement to help bring the "green rush" into the city that never sleeps. 

P.S... while you're celebrating the holiday, make sure to throw this playlist on to elevate your mood.