With the majority of music listeners using streaming services to find new songs and artists, the need for iTunes to continue on as Apple's premier music destination grew past its peak. At a time, we all went to the app to find the latest songs to have released that week. Many of us would even transfer files from torrent websites or illegally pirate our own playlists into iTunes. Now, that era is officially complete because Apple has confirmed that they are shutting down iTunes in favor of three new apps.

We're already used to Apple Music, Podcasts and Apple TV as three separate entities but during the live-stream taking place today, those three apps were announced to be the services formally replacing iTunes. Starting off the WWDC keynote with a joke about how they could possibly make iTunes even better, Craig Federighi told the audience that the team at Apple actually had a better idea and decided to take everything that iTunes has done over the years and divide it over the three new apps. Apple Music will be your top musical destination now when it comes to finding new tunes, Podcasts will serve the same purpose as it always has, and Apple TV will store your movies, television shows, and videos in one place.

If you're worried about how to sync your devices, it will apparently be easier now. When you plug your phone or iPad into your Mac, you will be able to sync via the Finder window. iTunes will no longer be the automatic pop-up.

iTunes is expected to disappear by the end of the day. Will you miss it?

Chesnot/Getty Images