Few companies have built up customer loyalty like Apple. They may test that loyalty with the iPhone 8, which is coming out this fall and also marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, which launched in summer of 2007. A new report from Fast Company has the price of the highest-end iPhone at over $1,000.

Details on the iPhone 8 are still scarce, but the biggest rumored factor in the price increase is the new OLED display, which will replace the current LCD display and is expected to cost as much as double for Apple to manufacture.

For those who aren’t trying to spend as much as a new computer for their next iPhone, Apple is also expected to launch an improved version of the current iPhone as the iPhone 7S. That one won’t have the new OLED screen, which should keep things cheap.

Other rumors for the new iPhone (or possible, iPhone X) include a bigger battery (thank god), 3D sensing face-recognition technology and a removal of the home button.

Are y’all prepared to drop a rack on the newest iPhone?

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