Spotify has been deemed the holy grail of streaming services after having amassed over 70 million subscribers worldwide, which is an impressive feat for an industry that is still in its infancy. 

However, Apple Music may be able to snatch that crown from Spotify. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple Music growth rate is nearly double what Spotify has experienced recently in the US, with the former seeing a five percent increase in new subscribers monthly, compared to the latter's two percent growth. 

If Apple Music continues to expand at this rate, the streaming service will effectively dethrone Spotify come summertime. However, the company still pails in comparison to Spotify's global dominance, having only amassed 36 million subscribers internationally. 

Apple Music has been able to increase its numbers through discounted rates and smart business moves, as the company recently launched a collaboration with NikePlus, with the streaming service becoming an added perk once an individual has reached their fitness milestone.