Music streaming platforms have without a doubt impacted the music industry. Although there have been great benefits from the service for customers, some platforms such as Spotify have made it even better for the artist by including producer and songwriting credits. 

One of the top platforms, Apple Music, may be making a major move that will alter your music purchasing habits - if you still even do that. Apple Music's executive Jimmy Iovine recently chatted with BBC where he spoke on the change when it comes to iTunes music downloads.

"The streaming services are all charging $9.99 and everyone has the same music," he told the publication. "And it's really nice. You get whatever song you want, you get your playlists - but there's got to be more interaction between the artist and the audience. Sooner or later, something's got to give," he said.

Apple was rumoured to be ruling out their iTunes music downloads back in 2016 but denied the move at the time. Jimmy, however, thinks it's becoming impossible to steer away from.

He told BBC that there's no set plan for downloads to be abolished but, "If I'm honest, it's when people stop buying," he said, on when then change could very well happen. "It's very simple."