According to Music Business Worldwide, Apple Music has created a new division to show the importance of songwriting and publishing in the ever-growing music industry. The new Music Publishing department for the popular streaming service is said to have subdivisions of Operations, Commercial, Publisher Relations, and A&R. 

The former director if iTunes International, Elena Segal, is said to be the head of Apple's new sector, launched into fruition by Oliver Schusser who is now Apple Music's global director. According to a source, Oliver is "well aware that much of the most important artist discovery happening in the music industry today comes from the publishing side of the business."

“[Oliver] is also aware that record labels and artists are well served by industry relations teams at streaming platforms—they are in and out of those offices every day—but that publishing hasn’t yet enjoyed that kind of direct relationship," the source added.

The move is to show just how much songwriters mean to the Apple.