Apple may have hit a trillion dollars last year, but their latest batch of iPhones are underperforming. iPhone users have found more reasons to stick with their current model than to invest in the new iPhone XS and XS Max. In fact, Apple went back to producing their more successful iPhone X due to declining sales on updated models. It may have something to do with that fact Apple gave consumers a way to control their own battery life instead of the infamous updates that slowed phones. No matter what the cause, Apple is ready to come back hard with their iPhone XI. 

As reported by Hypebeasta leak of the proposed iPhone XI design has hit the web. An accurate insider verified the leak, and also highlighted what are expected to be new features. A triple rear camera set up will potentially use Time of Flight tech to allow the new iPhone to render 3D maps of anything within a few meters. No other phone currently utilizes a three lens system to render maps. The new tech would improve VR experience, and could further gaming, video chat, and GPS. Check out the leaked images below and let us know if you plan on copping the next iPhone.