After the initial disdain and complaining over the lack of a headphone jack died down, it turns out a lot of people are down with the idea of cordless headphones. Beats is the latest company to come out with a new set of wireless headphones, called BeatsX, and they’re packaging them with a three month subscription to Apple Music to sweeten the deal.

Beats has had wireless headphones for a while, but the new BeatsX headphones are different in that they don’t use bluetooth to connect with a phone. Instead, they use the W1 chip that Apple has installed in all their AirPods for even easier device pairing. The new BeatsX headphones come out tomorrow with a retail price of $150, almost exactly the same price as Apple’s in-house AIrPods. The BeatsX headphones do feature a wire, but it simply connects the to headphones behind the head (or under the chin if you’re a weirdo).

Anyone who purchases the BeatsX headphones gets a three month subscription to Apple Music free of charge, as long as you register the headphones on the Beats By Dr. Dre website after purchase. The best part about that deal? It’s even usable if you already have Apple Music, simply adding the time onto your existing subscription.

Of course, Apple owns Beats, which is especially obvious when you realize that the BeatsX headphones only use Apple’s Lightning charger. Still, it’s a clever way to help both businesses simultaneously, and it’s not a bad deal for the customer either.

[via The Verge]