With each iOS update, you can expect the previous collection of emojis to be refreshed. There are always requests from Apple users as to how the company can improve and design more emojis. Think back to the entire debacle of the bagel emoji. With cream cheese or without? Who really cares, to be honest... The upcoming update looks promising with a total of 230 new emojis being welcomed in according to Hypebeast.

Of the new additions, we can expect pinching hands, a yawning face, men and women holding hands, wheelchairs, falafel, onions, and more. Overall, we can anticipate a lot of inclusivity in the new batch. Varying skin tones will be available for all depictions of humans and Apple is working in emojis specifically for hearing-impaired folks and people with other disabilities. 

The iOS 10.2 update is also set to include a few more Animojis for anybody with an iPhone X. The facial recognition software will be able to now turn you into a shark, boar, giraffe or owl. All of the changes will arrive later this year. A release date has not yet been specified. 

This is good news for iPhone owners. We'll be able to express our thoughts in emoji form to a further extent with all the updates. Take a look below at what to expect.