Apex Legends is quickly becoming one of the most popular video games on the planet. It has seemingly edged out Fortnite as the top battle royale game, which is no easy feat. Respawn Entertainment, the developer that brought us Titanfall, has struck gold with their new free-to-play game that will be getting a Fortnite-esque battle pass in the upcoming weeks. Data miners were able to discover a new character that is likely to be released with the battle pass. Named Octane, the new character is reported to be quick, evasive, and energetic. One of his abilities is rumored to be a jump pad that will allow him to escape from enemies by bouncing away, and Respawn has begun dropping those same jump pads throughout the game. 

Gamers started to realize that the jump pads were placed in the game on Friday (March 15). The pads are distributed around the Marketplace area for gamers to test out. When gamers began to question why a new character’s skill had arrived in the game early, a Respawn employee replied with a winking emoji. This new pad can launch gamers several stories into the air, helping them evade attacks or get the drop on a fleeing enemy. Check out footage of the pad below.