Swae Lee's on and off girlfriend was probably not expecting to get the heat she was trying to dish out to Ming Lee Simmons. After Ming posted an image of her and Swae on her Instagram story, Marliesia Ortiz jumped on social media to slam Ming Lee with a photo of a text message exchange with Swae where he claimed the image was old. 

"Imma leave that at this, but let her know she's welcome to join us ... I mean she bigger than both of us but we can work it out," she wrote in her Instagram story, adding in a message to Swae: "Mad weird. Like did her mother raise her to be a side butch or she wanna smack on this p***y too lmk," she added. 


Ming Lee's sister, Aoki, wasn't for the public bashing of her sister so she stepped into The Shade Room with some vicious words for Marliesia. "Oh dear @marlie ... I don't even know what to say to you. I'm going to try and speak really clearly to you since I know education and books are a mystery to you and complicated words might be a handful. Ming is NOT the one, and neither is my mother," Aoki wrote. "This is embarrassing, we are laughing at you in Paris (and no MAN had to take Ming to Paris or anyplace for the first time). I'm sorry you can't keep your man faithful but that has nothing to do with my sister. Keep her name out of your fake plastic face. Run along now, I was nice you don't want to hear from mama."

It didn't stop there though. Marliesia responded by detailing how she "said what she said," sparking Aoki to hit her with another long message about how Swae only considers her feelings "15% percent of the time."

"You have no respect, no career, what are you proud of in life?" Aoki added. "Go get some clothes, get a job, and go get some self-respect."