Oakland Raiders star Antonio Brown has had a tumultuous week due to a plethora of issues. It all started when he left training camp early with a foot injury that was caused by a trip inside of a cryogenic chamber. From there, it was reported that Brown had filed a helmet grievance against the NFL over the fact that he couldn't wear the helmet he wanted to. Brown had even threatened to retire from football if he didn't get his way. Of course, Brown quickly reneged on that vow and ended up accepting his fate as an arbitrator ruled in favor of the NFL on the issue.

What makes this whole scenario so perfect, is the fact the Raiders are the subject of HBO's Hard Knocks this season. Fans have been hoping the chain of events would be addressed on the show and as it turns out, they have reason to be pleased.

According to Pro Football Talk, tonight's episode of Hard Knocks will devote some time Brown's escapades as they are just too loud to ignore. HBO knows that Brown's antics will result in some must-see TV and NFL fans are probably salivating to see how it all played out behind the scenes.

Will you be tuning in tonight or are you tired of Brown's antics this offseason?