After a tumultuous time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver Antonio Brown is finally getting a chance to move on. Brown was traded to Oakland Raiders on Saturday night in exchange for third and fifth-round picks. The pro-bowl wide receiver is excited to be with a new team and had an introductory press conference with head coach Jon Gruden on Wednesday. During the press conference, Brown spoke about his goals with the team and who he hopes to surpass when it comes to the game's best wide receivers. 

"My goal really is to catch Jerry Rice," Brown said according to ESPN. "Playing with a guy like Coach Gruden, obviously, he knows what it takes to keep me upright and fresh. Keep me out there for a long time so it's a challenge every year to prove my love for the game. I'm just taking it one year at a time. Obviously, my goal in the back of my mind is to catch Jerry Rice. Every year, I have to prove my love. This year I'm out here to prove my love."

Brown also talked about how the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas in 2020. For Brown, being able to play with the Raiders during their last year in Oakland will be a great experience.

"For me to be in Oakland, part of the Oakland Raiders, and being on the last team that will ever be here in Oakland is something special in itself," he said. "There's pressure in that, there's excitement in that and there's a lot that comes with that. And I'm here today ready to embrace all that."

Brown is joining a Raiders team that went 4-12 last season and finished in last place in the AFC West.