Earlier last week, a second accuser came out in a Sports Illustrated story saying Antonio Brown had made sexual advances on her while she was working in his home. Brown had hired the unnamed woman to paint a mural in his home and on numerous occasions, had made sexual passes at her which she ignored. The woman claims Brown than "ghosted" her and she was never able to finish her work or get paid for it. When the story broke, the woman was adamant that she was not looking to sue or press charges and simply wanted his alleged behavior to be known.

According to texts obtained by Sports Illustratedthe same number Brown gave her two years ago, included her in a group text message which included some fairly harassing remarks. In the image below, you can see that the texter calls the woman a “super broke girl” and even sends a picture of her children. The woman's lawyer has even sent a letter to the NFL asking for the harassment to stop.

Journalist Robert Klemko wanted to prove that this was, in fact, AB sending the text messages and in the Tweet thread below, he explains his verification process. Based on the evidence given, Klemko seems to be quite certain that it was Brown, although there is no concrete confirmation.

Stay tuned for updates on Brown's story as we will be sure to bring you the latest information.