Antonio Brown was cut by the New England Patriots last week after multiple sexual assault allegations came to the surface. Brown has exhibited some bizarre antics over the last few weeks but the allegations were the final straw the broke the camels back. After the decision was made, Brown took to Twitter where he had some interesting words for Robert Kraft and even announced he would never play in the NFL again. According to his agent Drew Rosenhaus, that's not exactly the case. In fact, there are some teams looking at signing him.

"I have had discussions with a few teams that are very interested in him and want to know about his future and what's going on with the NFL," Rosenhaus explained on Warren Sapp's "99 Problems" podcast. "Hopefully when that is all resolved, Antonio will be able to continue his Hall of Fame career."

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Rosenhaus also talked about the NFL investigation which has launched against him and how they plan to cooperate. Brown has been feeling down about not being able to play and as his agent explained, he wants to do everything possible to be back on the field sooner than later.

"It's a very difficult time for him, not playing," Rosenhaus added. "We expected him to be playing against the Jets on Sunday, so it's tough for someone who loves the game not to be playing right now and the hope is that we will cooperate with the NFL in its investigation and get him back with a team to continue this tremendous career he's had."

Brown has since re-enrolled at Central Michigan University and appears to be trying to earn an online degree. Perhaps his newfound lease on life will get him on the right track.