Antonio Brown has been rubbing people the wrong way ever since his very public exit from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown eventually got traded to the Oakland Raiders and the Steelers got practically nothing back in return. Regardless, Brown is a Raider now and he's already starting to make some waves, although probably not for the best reasons. Most recently, Brown got into a Twitter beef with JuJu Smith-Schuster for no particular reason other than pettiness

In a piece for, formers Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio spoke about a variety of topics, including Brown. Of course, Del Rio is no longer the coach of the Raiders but was asked how he would feel about having Brown on his team. While Del Rio was complimentary of the wide receiver, he did have some pretty hefty criticisms.


"I love the talent, but [Antonio Brown] has clearly shown that he's going to be a pain in the ass. He's a very talented guy and I would love to have him. I would work with him, no problem. If [players] have talent, you tend to tolerate it a little bit, unless it becomes disruptive to your team. He's going to have to learn that to really help the team. If he continues doing the things he's been doing, just like he upset the Steelers, he's going to upset the next team he's on. There are certain things -- I mean, this is America and he's free to do what he wants -- but those aren't the things that are indicative of a good teammate. The working hard and being a good player definitely helps the team, which is why he'll continue to get chances to be special until his skills deteriorate. That's when people will get tired of him."

Next season will be interesting, to say the least. Do you think Brown will be able to stay out of trouble or do you agree with Del Rio's assessment?