Antonio Brown reportedly refused to act "in a civilized and grown-up manner" during a recent deposition stemming from an incident that occurred at his Miami condo back in April. 

While being questioned about the incident, during which Brown reportedly threw furniture and other items from his 14th-floor balcony, the former NFL star was "extremely noncompliant and flagrantly disorderly, to the point that he frustrated the totality of the proceeding," according to a report by TMZ Sports.

Per TMZ:

Brown has told police that a gun and $80,000 in cash were stolen out of his apartment, which led to his furniture-throwing fit of rage, and he claims that the condo owners are at fault for not securing the facility. He's being sued because he caused thousands of dollars worth of damage and has refused to pay the bill.

According to TMZ, the deposition concluded much earlier than expected, after AB  started a 5-minute countdown and walked out of the office.